A Three-Part Series: Choice and the Left – Employment

If you’ve been following the news over the past few months, you’re aware of the battle that’s been raging in Wisconsin over unions and the limitations of collective bargain power.  Governor Walker campaigned in part on promising to limit union negotiating power to include employee salaries only.  When the votes were counted, Walker had won by almost the exact same percentage as the one which Obama rode to the White House.

The Governor then did precisely as he promised, and signed a bill passed by the legislature limiting union negotiating power.  Getting there was no easy task.  Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature fled to nearby Illinois rather than allow a vote to be held, calling to mind Obama telling Republicans “elections have consequences.”  The hypocrisy was lost on them.

Hundreds of teachers got falsified doctor’s notes, called in sick and stormed the Wisconsin State House.  Those doctors are now facing loss of pay and leadership positions, but as of this writing, none have been fired for fraud or abuse.

The President was right when he said that elections have consequences.  Walker was elected, and did precisely what he promised to do while campaigning.  Running away from the legislature or storming the building in an attempt to intimidate lawmakers is more akin to a mob than a republic.

This mob mentality is embodied by unions.  Employees are routinely forced to join the union as a condition of employment and dues are taken from their check non-voluntarily.  No one should ever be forced to give a union money as a condition of his or her employment.

You’d think Democrats would support an individual deciding whether or not to become part of a particular group.  You’d be wrong.  Not only do Democrats not support choice, they actively punish those who do.

Boeing recently opened a new plant in South Carolina to build their 787 aircraft.  South Carolina is one of 22 right-to-work states, where workers cannot be forced to join a union.  The National Labor Relations Board (which investigates unfair labor practices) sued the state claiming that Boeing only moved to South Carolina from Washington to retaliate against a union strike in that state.  It’s important to note that the NLRB is made up of four members, three of whom were recess appointees by Obama.  Boeing pointed out that 787s will still be built in the Washington plant, at the same rate, and that they actually added 2,000 jobs after the move, but – as usual – the left couldn’t be bothered with the facts.

The Obama Administration, through its silence and appointments,  is trying to cripple the world’s largest aerospace corporation and America’s leading exporter, which has a little over 155,000 U.S. employees.

The NLRB has also filed suit against South Dakota and Arizona for passing legislation guaranteeing employees the right to vote on whether or not to unionize by secret ballot.  The secret ballot removes the arm-twisting unions are famous for and this law suit does nothing to ease those perceptions.

Clearly, liberals do not believe in the freedom to choose union vs. non-union, so take ’employment’ off the list of things you can decide for yourself.

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