Paul Krugman – Liar and shameless hack

I didn’t comment when the NYT’s columnist Paul Krugman said the memory of 9/11 “has become an occasion of shame” for Americans.  He used his column on the tenth anniversary of the worst attack in US history to take cheap political shots at the previous Administration on the same day President Obama shared a stage with former President Bush to join a nation in mourning and remembrance. 

I didn’t comment when Krugman said that the US economy needed an “alien invasion” to stimulate it and help us out of the recession.  I ignored the idiocy of the statement, as well as its obvious falsity and logical inconsistency.  If war is all that was required to get out of a recession, our economy would be booming.  The left though, tells us that the war has HURT the economy. 

I won’t ignore today’s column where Krugman claims that Republicans believe the rich “should not be called upon to play any role” in helping our economy to recover.  I also won’t ignore his claim that the wealthy pay “remarkably little” in taxes.  His column ties in nicely with Obama’s false claim that CEOs have lower tax rates than their secretaries.  The blatant dishonesty is simply too much to let pass. 

Krugman puts forth the typical argument against the Republican position which is that conservatives want no government.  We hear all the time that conservatives want the roads to fall into disrepair, our police forces disbanded and teachers fired.  None of that is true, obviously.  Republicans and conservatives believe that government should be limited, and the role it plays in our day-to-day lives should be minimal or non-existent. 

To Krugman’s lies, the top 0.1% of taxpayers pay more in taxes than the bottom 80%.  Not even the Democrat-friendly Chicago Tribune could avoid calling the President a liar.  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris has proven that the United States has the most progressive tax system in the world.  America, the OECD shows “has the most progressive tax system and collects the largest share of taxes from the richest 10% of the population.” 

The lowest 47% of Americans, on the other hand, pay literally nothing in income taxes.    That’s not something you’ll hear on the nightly news.  It’s also a little bit more than Krugman’s claim that Republicans expect the rich to ‘not play any role’ in our economic recovery.  Perhaps everyone should be asked to play a role.

The wealthy already bear a disproportionate portion of the tax burden, even accounting for the fact that they are better off than nearly all of us.  Even the French – a bastion of exorbitant taxation ‘soak the rich’ mentality’ acknowledge that the United States has the most progressive taxes on the planet.  Nowhere in the world do the rich pay more in terms of percentages or raw dollars than they do here. 

Krugman and President Obama’s calls of ‘fairness’ ring rather hollow when the data are examined.  It isn’t fair to demand that 53% of the nation pay for everything for everyone.  Democrats are again (still) trying to ‘soak the rich’ more than they already are. 

Until 90% of this nation pays income taxes, don’t even talk to me about bumping up the rates on those who shoulder a massively disproportionate burden.

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