“Occupy Eugene” burns SUV

I’ve commented in several posts about how my concern about a violent backlash is coming froming the left, and every time I do, I wonder if I come off as crazy.  Last night confirmed that I am in fact, not crazy.

In Eugene, Oregon, an SUV was spray-painted with phrases such as “Occupy Eugene,” “99%.” and “Oil is Bad,” and then set on fire.

The ‘Occupiers’ of course say they are not responsible, but given their advocacy for violence over the past few days, and the increasingly heated rhetoric, it is difficult to believe the protestors weren’t involved.

Where does this end?  What happens when a homeowner defends his property?

Many Democratic politicans, including Nancy Pelosi and President Obama himself have expressed solidarity with the Occupy movement.  Why are they getting a pass on this?  If Tea Partiers started burning cars, everyone knows the Freshman Congressmen would be tied to them by the media.

What’s different with this?

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