About Washington Nearsider

I’m a 30-something guy who grew up around Northern Virginia, went to college (We Are Penn State!), served on active duty flying in the Navy, moving up and down the Eastern Seaboard before moving back to Northern Virginia.  In the time I spent moving around the country – and the world – I became extremely passionate about electoral politics.  I have a broad set of experiences and they color my outlook on life, and have helped me turn from a relatively moderate Republican to a Conservative.  I have quite the libertarian streak when it comes to social issues (I don’t care who gets married to whom) but fiscally I am quite conservative.  Why is it that the government gets to pay bills with pretend money but I don’t?

That’s my background and my political views. For me, I read, play hockey and spend some serious time perusing the news online.  Girlfriend encouraged me to start writing, so this is as much her creation as it is mine.

I hope I can strike a chord with you, and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Your time and your comments are appreciated.


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