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I’d like to hear from you.  Any feedback would be appreciated, and I look forward to debating – or re-confirming – your positions on the issues I choose to write about.

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2 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Jim says:


    Hawkdriver here. I would just be careful about the JoePa thread. So much of that hate is fueled by school rivalry and I fear you won’t win. You can never beat trash talk and I fear you’re throwing some well thought out commentary to abject fools. Your words were a comfort to me though.

    Again though, how do we push to see the entire transcript?

    Jim from WIlliamsport (originally)

    • Hawkdriver,

      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I’ve really abandoned the blogging, and need to make the time to start writing again.

      To your point, I think a lot of the JoePa hate was fueled by rivalries. I also saw an article in the Collegian today explaining that Corbett (the governor) was more concerned with firing Joe than with punishing Sandusky. ESPN ran the article (which includes the transcript of Joe’s cancelled press conference) and the Collegian published a summary.

      I apologize again for missing your comment. It’s good to know someone was listening.

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